Short Film & Interview with Gina Rodriguez Premieres Tonight at 8pm on NUVO TV!


Back in late 2012, I knew I wanted to make a short film based on a hilarious archive of voicemail messages left by my Puerto Rican Grandfather throughout the years. I wanted it to look and feel different than most independent films I had seen, and knew that I wanted to challenge myself in ways never thought of before. So in love was I with the idea, that I couldn't sleep at night. After finding the perfect creative team (Chang Kim, Seth Burney, Dana Dillehunt, Kate Keisel-Caballero, & Chris Cookson), I dove headfirst creating and directing a film featuring 3D modeled/printed miniatures of my grandfather. We finished the short film, called HOW YOU DOIN', BOY? VOICEMAILS FROM GRAN'PA in September 2013, and it's been in over 15 film festivals thus far.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take me to Los Angeles to be interviewed by Gina Rodriguez (star of Jane the Virgin)! You see, back in Spring of 2014, I submitted to a variety of festivals, including the Nuvo Point of View Showcase, which lets talented writers, producers and directors showcase their works on the national stage. From over 900 submissions, only 4 films were chosen for the television program, including my short. I flew to LA four weeks back to be interviewed by Gina, who asked me about the short film, my artistic interests, and how my Puerto Rican-American culture influences my creative vision.

With that said, I am extremely happy to report that my film (amongst the other 4 films) and interview is airing on TV TONIGHT!


As an emerging filmmaker, your support is key. Please check the site below to see which channel is NUVO TV in your neighborhood, and please spread the word. I'm excited to share my short film with you and hope you love it as much I loved creating it.