Check out this TRAILER for a a live action narrative short film, written and directed by William D. Caballero

“After a chronically-ill father reveals his secret superhero identity to his young queer son, his son must also gain the courage to discover the hero from within.”



As Brandon, a young boy with long hair and feminine features, explores his own sexual and gender identity, he is oblivious to the plight of David, his father and diabetic dialysis patient. After Brandon’s mother leaves the two to go to work, Brandon’s father graciously confronts him and asks about Brandon’s orientation. Brandon ignores him, as David starts to feel ill.

David vanishes, leading Brandon to experience a flashback that took place years ago when a healthier version of David underwent his first day of dialysis treatment. He witnesses his transformation into “Hummingbird Man,” a winged superhero. David tells him that only by adapting the core traits of the hummingbird (small size and immense strength) was the only way he could survive dialysis treatment. He also tells Brandon that he knows of his secret queer identity, and that he too is a hummingbird.

  • written and directed by William D. Caballero
  • co-directed by Reko Moreno
  • produced by William D. Caballero, Kate Keisel Caballero, Elaine Del Valle, and Evelyn Ortiz
  • starring Manny Colin, William D. Caballero, Karina Yzobel, and Cammie Middleton