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SEED STORY screens at VISIONFEST at TRIBECA CINEMAS alongside three short films and a great feature film THURSDAY, JUNE 27TH. Information below:

PROGRAM 02 -- 7:00pm -- TC 1

SEED STORYD: William D. Caballero Lin - 12min. Experimental
A lone dandelion blossoms in an abandoned parking lot, negatively impacting the lives of a miniature society that becomes dependent upon it. This film, shot in macro perspective and featuring a cast of one-inch plastic figures and junk props, examines the effect that religion, capitalism, pollution, and fascism have had on humanity throughout the ages. [more info]

37  D: Puk Grasten - 8min. Narrative  (NY Premiere)
In March 1964, 37 people, silently, witnessed the murder of Kitty Genovese. None of them could explain why they hadn't interfered, whey they had just stood by, watching.  This is the story of two of those bystanders. [more info]

DORI D: Annette Beatrice - 7min. Narrative  (World Premiere)
Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. [more info]

THE COLOR OF MOONLIGHT  D: Naga Kataru - 11min. Documentary
A real-life story of a young woman who suddenly became totally blind months before her college graduation, how she fought back with courage, and achieved success. This is a testament to the resilience of human spirit and how it can overcome any insurmountable odds. All you need is motivation.

DRIVING BLIND     D: Brian James Griffo - 76min. Documentary  (NY Premiere)

Two brothers, Tod and Justin Purvis, who suffer from a degenerative eye disease and are going blind, circumnavigate the United States, seeing the great sights that make America beautiful. Limited sight, with unlimited Vision. [more info]