lilliput  (n).- a land imagined by Jonathan Swift that was inhabited by tiny people

I have too many damn plastic figures... "minis" as I call them, and I swear they're starting to develop minds of their own. I mean, some are happy enough to give me a helping hand, getting at those hard-to-reach places and doing my every whim, but the rest are just plain bastards living off of my good nature and respectable character! No matter what I do, I just cant get away from these Lilliputian parasites who refuse to leave me alone!

LILLIPUT is William D. Caballero's current photo blog updated regularly. It features a host of 1-inch tall plastic figures inhabiting both his body and his living quarters, both aiding him and running amok. Each photo carries with it a descriptive and humorous story usually based on real events.  

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Special thanks to my darling girlfriend Kate for helping set up some of these shots on the canvas that is my body. ;-)