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  • Aljira Gallery Newark, NJ (map)

The Aljira Contemporary Art Gallery, based in Newark, NJ, is featuring my recent short film HOW YOU DOIN', BOY? VOICEMAILS FROM GRAN'PA. It is part of a group show called Aljira Emerge. Swing by during operational hours to check out the film.

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Aljira, a Center For Contemporary Art is pleased to present EMERGE 11: Up Close, a screening of videos by four artists featured in the exhibition on view, I put this I put this I put this moment...over here. Exhibition curator, Jorge Rojas, has assembled a diverse selection of short-form videos meant to offer the public an up-close look at the work and creative processes of EMERGE 11 fellows Maria Buyondo, William Caballero, Katie Cercone, and Ann Oren. Buyondo, Caballero, and Oren will discuss their work with guest moderator, Chloë Bass, and be available for a Q&A.

Screening Program (in order of appearance)
Maria Buyondo (Russia) - Daybook, 8mm film, 2010, 1:17min
Maria Buyondo (Russia) - America Speaks, 2009, 1:02 min
Katie Cercone (U.S.) - Grind 4 Da Shine, 2011, 2:04min
Katie Cercone (U.S.) - Lil Bance on My Based God$, 2013, 6:28min
William Caballero (U.S.) - Seed Story, 2012, 12:30min
Maria Buyondo (Russia) - My Family, 2008, 7:46min
Katie Cercone (U.S.) - Trilluminati Universiddhi, 2013, 3:09min
Katie Cercone (U.S.) - Tranaconda Mancandy, 2014, 1:21min
William Caballero (U.S.) - Gran'Pa Knows Best - Webisodes1-5, 10:10min
Ann Oren (Israel) - Penelope, 2012, 32:00min

About Aljira Emerge:
Since its inception in 1999, the Aljira Emerge Program has been committed to providing artists in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan region with the skills and strategies to thrive in today’s competitive art world. Providing professional development opportunities for over 250 Emerge Artist Fellows. At the end of each program, each Fellow is included in a group exhibition as well as an exhibition catalog.The excellent reputation of the Emerge program is built on the perseverance and commitment of the 21 artists that make up each new Emerge group annually, and they deserve recognition for investing their time and energy to their enterprise.Aljira applauds the over 250 artists that make up the Emerge Community.

Emerge 11 Artists:
Katie Cercone, Nell Painter, William D. Caballero, Nobutaka Aozaki, Diana Schmertz, David Rios Ferreira, Heidi Lau, Stephanie Powell, Ariana Barat, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Patricia Cazorla, Ken Weathersby, Rosemary Taylor, Ann Oren, Tai Hwa Goh, Barbara Wallace, Vikki Michalios, Maria Buyondo, Isaac Aden, Jennifer Williams, Caroline Mak

Curated by Jorge Rojas.

Earlier Event: November 19
Later Event: December 4